Corydoradinae Lineage 4
"Dwarf Species"

Many of the smallest species belong to this group

Example species below: Corydoras guapore.

Lineage 4 includes two of the dwarf species, so they suggest to resurrect the disused Microcorydoras (Myers, 1953), with the designated type species: Corydoras hastatus. Oddly enough not all species in this group are real dwarfs, but they are closely related and have similar color patterns throughout the larval development.

Corydoras habrosus is not included in this group.

For an overview of all Lineages, explanations of the C- and CW-numbers, see this overview page: Corydoradinae Lineages.

Described species

  • Corydoras guapore
  • Corydoras hastatus
  • Corydoras mamore = Corydoras sp. C011
  • Corydoras paucerna
  • Corydoras pygmaeus


  • Corydoras sp. C011/C11 = Corydoras mamore


  • Corydoras sp. CW153

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