Corydoradinae Lineage 6
"true" Corydoras

Corydoras paleatus is the most common one from this group

Example species below: Corydoras albolineatus.

Species within Lineage 6 have always been classified under the genus Corydoras. There are no synonymous disused generic names available so it would be necessary to describe a new genus with a new type species.

To see all Corys in Lineage 6 that has been added to the database so far: Lineage 6 - true Corydoras.

For an overview of all Lineages, explanations of the C- and CW-numbers, see this overview page: Corydoradinae Lineages.

Described species

  • Corydoras albolineatus (previously misidentified as Corydoras xinguensis and Corydoras sp. C056)
  • Corydoras carlae
  • Corydoras cochui = Corydoras sp. C022
  • Corydoras diphyes
  • Corydoras ehrhardti
  • Corydoras flaveolus
  • Corydoras froehlichi
  • Corydoras gladysae
  • Corydoras gryphus = Corydoras sp. C007 = Corydoras sp. CW024
  • Corydoras lacrimostigmata
  • Corydoras longipinnis = Corydoras sp. CW003
  • Corydoras lymnades
  • Corydoras micracanthus
  • Corydoras nattereri
  • Corydoras ortegai = Corydoras sp. CW031
  • Corydoras paleatus
  • Corydoras petracinii
  • Corydoras potaroensis
  • Corydoras reynoldsi
  • Corydoras steindachneri
  • Corydoras tukano (sp. "Asher") = Corydoras sp. C064


  • Corydoras sp. C007/C07/CW7 = Corydoras sp. CW024 = Corydoras gryphus
  • Corydoras sp. C022/C22 = Corydoras cochui
  • Corydoras sp. C040/C40
  • Corydoras sp. C056/C56 = Corydoras albolineatus
  • Corydoras sp. C064/C64 = Corydoras tukano
  • Corydoras sp. C073/C73
  • Corydoras sp. C114
  • Corydoras sp. C144


  • Corydoras sp. CW003/CW03/CW3 = Corydoras longipinnis
  • Corydoras sp. CW024/CW24 = Corydoras sp. C007 = Corydoras gryphus
  • Corydoras sp. CW031/CW31 = Corydoras ortegai
  • Corydoras sp. CW077/CW77
  • Corydoras sp. CW108

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