Corydoradinae Lineage 2

Small very active and "dull" species

Example species below: Aspidoras raimundi (previously cf. spilotus).

This group is pretty clearly different from all other Corys. There are a few Aspidoras species that might not belong to this group and will be moved to other groups in the future, see below. There are also 2 species belonging to Corydoras today that might be Aspidoras: Corydoras gladysae and Corydoras petrarcini.

To see all Corys in Lineage 2 that has been added to the database so far: Lineage 2 - Aspidoras group.

For an overview of all Lineages, explanations of the C- and CW-numbers, see this overview page: Corydoradinae Lineages.

Large revision October 2022

There has also been a revision in October 2022 and the number of valid species went from 25 down to 18.

Taxonomy of the armored catfish genus Aspidoras (Siluriformes: Callichthyidae) revisited, with the description of a new species

The changes is short are:

New species of Aspidoras

Aspidoras aldebaran from Rio Paraguay & Rio Araguaia basins.

Lumped species of Aspidoras

  • Aspidoras eurycephalus & Aspidoras taurus are now Aspidoras albater
  • Aspidoras menezesi & Aspidoras spilotus are now Aspidoras raimundi
  • Aspidoras microgalaeus & Aspidoras marianae are now Aspidoras poecilus

This was bad new for me since I had to delete two species from the list of what I have bred. I have never been that into Aspidoras since I always felt they all looked the same with different names. Turns out I was right.

Moved Aspidoras species

  • Aspidoras pauciradiatus has been moved to Corydoras Lineage 5 as Corydoras pauciradiatus
  • Aspidoras virgulatus has been moved to Scleromystax Lineage 3 as Scleromystax virgulatus

Described species

  • Aspidoras albater
  • Aspidoras aldebaran = Aspidoras sp. CW141
  • Aspidoras azaghal
  • Aspidoras belenos
  • Aspidoras brunneus
  • Aspidoras carvalhoi
  • Aspidoras depinnai
  • (Aspidoras eurycephalus = Aspidoras albater)
  • Aspidoras fuscoguttatus
  • Aspidoras gabrieli
  • Aspidoras kiriri
  • Aspidoras lakoi
  • Aspidoras maculosus
  • (Aspidoras marianae = Aspidoras poecilus)
  • (Aspidoras menezesis = Aspidoras raimundi)
  • Aspidoras mephisto
  • (Aspidoras microgaleus = Aspidoras poecilus)
  • (Aspidoras pauciradiatus is now Corydoras pauciradiatus in Lineage 5)
  • Aspidoras poecilus = Aspidoras sp. C158
  • Aspidoras psammatides
  • Aspidoras raimundi = Aspidoras sp. C125
  • Aspidoras rochai
  • (Aspidoras spilotus = Aspidoras raimundi)
  • (Aspidoras taurus = Aspidoras albater)
  • Aspidoras velites
  • (Aspidoras virgulatus is now Scleromystax virgulatus in Lineage 3)


  • Aspidoras sp. C035/C35
  • Aspidoras sp. C036/C36
  • Aspidoras sp. C037/C37
  • Aspidoras sp. C118
  • Aspidoras sp. C119
  • Aspidoras sp. C125 = Aspidoras raimundi
  • Aspidoras sp. C158 = Aspidoras  poecilus


  • Aspidoras sp. CW052/CW52 (maybe just a hybrid)
  • Aspidoras sp. CW119
  • Aspidoras sp. CW126
  • Aspidoras sp. CW141 = Aspidoras aldebaran
  • Aspidoras sp. CW183
  • Aspidoras sp. CW184
  • Aspidoras sp. CW188

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