Corys Kristian has bred

The Aspidoras, Brochis, Corydoras & Scleromystax

Corydoras cf. crypticus, Lineage 8, Sub-clade 4 (cf. amandajaena) male; Corydoras Zone Aquatics<br>Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson / |
Corydoras cf. crypticus, Lineage 8, Sub-clade 4 (cf. amandajaena) male; Corydoras Zone Aquatics

He has had eggs from about 70 species, currently (April 2022). Not all of them have resulted in hatched fry, and not all fry that hatched have survived their first two weeks.

Below is a list in roughly chronological order of what he has bred from 1999:

  1. Corydoras similis: surviving fry, bred again 2022
  2. Corydoras pygmeus: surviving fry
  3. Corydoras axelrodi: surviving fry
  4. Corydoras undulatus: surviving fry
  5. Aspidoras raimundi (previously menezesi): surviving fry
  6. Corydoras hastatus: surviving fry
  7. Scleromystax barbatus: surviving fry, spawned again 2021
  8. Corydoras davidsandsi: surviving fry
  9. Corydoras duplicareus: surviving fry, spawned again 2021
  10. Corydoras concolor: surviving fry, spawned again 2021
  11. Brochis splendens: surviving fry
  12. Corydoras sp. Peru "gold-stripe": surviving fry
  13. Corydoras elegans: surviving fry
  14. Corydoras sp. "Pantanal": surviving fry
  15. Corydoras delphax: surviving fry
  16. Corydoras albolineatus: surviving fry
  17. Corydoras oiapoquensis: surviving fry
  18. Corydoras kanei  / sp. "Rio Negro": surviving fry
  19. Corydoras sterbai: surviving fry, spawned again 2020
  20. Corydoras longipinnis Rio Yaguaron Urugay (collected by Kristian): surviving fry
  21. Corydoras cruziensis (sp. C012): surviving fry
  22. Corydoras cervinus: only eggs
  23. Aspidoras cf. rochai: surviving fry
  24. Corydoras cf. julii: surviving fry
  25. Corydoras reynoldsi: surviving fry
  26. Corydoras habrosus: surviving fry, spawned again 2021
  27. Corydoras sp. C003 / sp. “Deckeri”: surviving fry
  28. Corydoras loxozonus: surviving fry
  29. Scleromystax kronei: surviving fry
  30. Corydoras sp. C139: surviving fry, spawned again 2022
  31. Corydoras sp. C090 / cf. evelynae: surviving fry, bred again in 2022
  32. Corydoras sp. ”Peru Red-stripe” / sp. CW010: surviving fry, spawned again 2021
  33. Corydoras imitator: surviving fry
  34. Corydoras gossei: surviving fry
  35. Corydoras septentrionalis: eggs only
  36. Scleromystax sp. CW038: surviving fry
  37. Corydoras sp. Neon green-stripe / sp. CW009: surviving fry, spawned again 2021
  38. Corydoras sp. ”bolivianus long” (CW166?): eggs only
  39. Corydoras sp. Venezuela Black: surviving fry
  40. Corydoras panda: surviving fry, spawned again 2021
  41. Corydoras granti (previously misnamed arcuatus): surviving fry
  42. Corydoras araguaiaensis and C045: surviving fry
  43. Corydoras caudimaculatus: surviving fry
  44. Corydoras atropersonatus: surviving fry, eggs again in 2022.
  45. Corydoras venezuelanus: surviving fry, bred again 2022
  46. Corydoras rabauti: eggs only
  47. Aspidoras sp. CW052: eggs only
  48. Corydoras sp. CW021: surviving fry
  49. Corydoras weitzmani: surviving fry, spawned again 2021
  50. Corydoras melini: surviving fry
  51. Corydoras polystictus: surviving fry
  52. Corydoras virginiae: surviving fry
  53. Corydoras sychri: eggs only


  54. Corydoras nattereri: surviving fry May 2020
  55. Corydoras sp. CW140: surviving fry July 2020
  56. Corydoras ehrhardti: eggs only, September 2020, February 2022.
  57. Corydoras metae: surviving fry October 2020
  58. Corydoras napoensis: surviving fry December 2020


  59. Corydoras sp. aff bondi "Anaua": eggs January 2021, and 1 fry in parent's tank February. Many fry from later spawns.
  60. Corydoras loretoensis: 2 eggs April 2021, none hatched
  61. Corydoras sp. CW045: one female spawned alone and laid 2 white eggs! July 2021


  62. Corydoras eversi: (sp. C056), 30-ish eggs laid, Januari 2022, first fry hatched, and 2 week old surviving fry February 2022
  63. Corydoras parallelus: (sp. C002), 450-ish eggs laid, bad hatch rate, Januari 2022, first fry hatched (maybe 100?). Fry surviving 2 weeks! February 2022
  64. Corydoras sipaliwini: got 19 eggs from a tank at my friend Morten Nissen's and just over 10 hatched. Killed them all by overfeeding! February 2022.
    23 eggs from my own group, Fry. March 2022. Surviving fry April 2022.
  65. Corydoras nijsseni: 7 eggs after major cleaning of tank the day before. Surviving very TINY fry. February 2022. 2 weeks old, at least 5 fry, March 2022.
  66. Corydoras sp. C133, eggs and fry March 2022. Surviving fry April 2022.
  67. Corydoras sp. CW062, 32 eggs and fry, March 2022. Surviving fry April 2022.
  68. Corydoras brevirostris, 8 eggs, 4 ok. 3 hatched and surviving. April 2022.
  69. Corydoras sp. CW037, 17 eggs. September 2022. All eggs fungus all the time (about 5 spawns). ONE egg hatched in the parents tank, but did not survive, November 2022, and finally in December I had one surviving fry!
  70. Corydoras knaacki, 3 eggs, all bad (group of young fish), Oktober 2022. Many spawns but all bad!!

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