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Articles about Corys in Amazonas Magazine

A list of all articles about the Corydoradinae family from Amazonas Magazine

Corydoras robinae Flagtail Corydoras | Flaggstjärtscorydoras, Lineage 8, Sub-clade 4, Burgess, 1983; Corydoras Zone Aquatics<br>Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson / |

Top 10 most beautiful Corys

Well, this is my very personal list.

; Corydoras Zone Aquatics

How many described Brochis species are there?

Currently,, 2023, there are probably 9 Brochis Species

Aspidoras cf. spilotus, Nijssen &#038; Isbrücker, 1976 (C125), Ceara Bulldog Cory, Lineage 2 - Aspidoras; Corydoras Zone Aquatics<br>Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson / |

How many described Aspidoras species are there?

In 2022 Aspidoras contains around 30 Species.

Scleromystax sp. CW038 (CW38 / C113) - Lineage 3 (ln3) - male; Corydoras Zone Aquatics<br>Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson /

How many described Scleromystax species are there?

In 2022 Scleromystax contains about 15 Species.

Repashy Superfoods Akvariefiskfoder | Tropical Fish Food, Gel Premixes, 2 kg, 340 g, 85 g från | from Corydoras.Zone<br>Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson Sweden

How to prepare Repashy gel mixes

Learn how to Prepare and Store Repashy Superfoods like Bottom Scratcher, Grub Pie, and Igapó Explorer the right way.

Oase Organix Fish food Range | Akvariefiskfoder Sortiment - Corydoras.Zone Aquatics<br>Copyright © All rights reserved

Overview Best Aquarium Fish Food

A breakdown of most of the aquarium fish food you can use to feed your aquarium fish. Grow / culture your own, have a look in your fridge or collect from nature.


Grand opening

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