Corydoradinae Lineage 3

Some of the largest, and in some cases, aggressive species

Example species below: Scleromystax sp. CW038 / C113.

All known Scleromystax belong to lineage 3. The most common species by far is the type species: Scleromystax barbatus.

They are usually large and boisterous species and the male can kill the females and other males if kept in too small a tank.

For an overview of all Lineages, explanations of the C- and CW-numbers, see this overview page: Corydoradinae Lineages.

Described species

  • Scleromystax barbatus
  • Scleromystax kronei
  • Scleromystax lacerdai = Scleromystax sp. C015
  • Scleromystax macropterus
  • Scleromystax prionotus
  • Scleromystax reisi
  • Scleromystax salmacis
  • Scleromystax virgulatus; was previously described as Aspidoras virgulatus


  • Scleromystax sp. C015/C15 = Scleromystax lacerdai
  • Scleromystax sp. C112
  • Scleromystax sp. C113 = CW038


  • Scleromystax sp. CW038/CW38 = C113
  • Scleromystax sp. CW042/CW42
  • Scleromystax sp. CW067/CW67
  • Scleromystax sp. CW092/CW92
  • Scleromystax sp. CW147
  • Scleromystax sp. CW148

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