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A little about us running this site

This site, our YouTube channel and all our other Social Media presence are run by Kristian Adolfsson and Ian Hunter.

We both live in southern-most Sweden and Kristian has been breeding and keeping aquarium fish on and off since he was a kid, so like 40 years. He is also a decent photographer. Ian is the designer and videographer in this cooperation.

Kristian has been collecting fish twice in Uruguay and along the Rio Negro in Brazil and bred a lot of fish around 2010.  It was mostly catfish and then especially Corydoras type catfish. He also ran the site corydoras.net and the web shop Scandinavian Aquatics. He took a break from fish for a long time but has in 2020 started up the breeding room again.

Up until now he has bred just almost 70 species of Corydoras, Brochis, Aspidoras, and Scleromystax. You can see a complete list here: Bred Corydoras type Catfish so far.

He also bred several other fish such as twig catfish (Farlowella, Sturisoma, and Sturisomatichthys), some Loricarids (like Ancistrus, Rineloricaria, and Hypancistrus) but also Tetras, Killies, Livebearers, lots of Cichlids and some Rainbowfishes.

Aquarium & Fish Associations

Kristian is or have been a member of the following Fish, Plant, and Aquarium Associations and Clubs:

Aquarium Magazines

He has been subscribing to or buying the following magazines:


He is the author of the article "Dry and Rainy Seasons in the Tank" that he wrote back in 2001 and it has been translated into around 15 languages. You can see some of them here on an old forum post and listing on Plecoplanet.com.

He is currently working on a new and updated version of this article.

The original article can be found again here on this site Dry and Rainy Seasons in the Tank.


Kristian has also given talks in mainly Sweden about fish, breeding, and his travels around the world.

Collecting fish abroad

Kristian has been collecting fish in Uruguay in December 1997 and November 2000 together with Felipe 'Pipo' Cantera. He collected, among other things, some Corydoras paleatus in Uruguay. One of the fish he brought with him was still alive after 12 years!

He also collected in Brazil (along Rio Negro) in 2004 but due to change in regulations for exporting fish we couldn't get any fish with us! Images from that trip is coming.

Social Media Presence

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