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Corydoras parallelus

Basic information

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This stunning Corydoras comes from the Rio Negro tributary Rio Içana. Other names for the river are: Rio Icana, Rio Isana, Rio Izana, and Río Isana (in Colombia)

It is a black water river with very soft water with a normally low pH of around 6.

Similar Species

Corydoras sp. aff. parallelus CW127

A species with solid black line along the sides.



Burgess, 1993


Burgess, 1993



ID Group


  • Corydoras sp. C002 (C02 / C2)


      No CW-number given


      No known synonyms

Local Names

  • Parallel-stribet Pansermalle (Dansk)
  • Two Line Cory (English)


Refers to the two parallel horizontal lines along the body.

Type Locality

Rio Içana (Rio Icana, Rio Isana, Rio Izana, Río Isana)

Collection Sites

  • Rio Içana

Detailed Map

Approximate map position.

Basic ID

Two bold parallel lines along the body. Dark spot at the base of the dorsal fin that extends in to it.
Black mask with an orange patch behind it.
Base colour is sand coloured.


Looking at the fish from above, the female is widest at the center of the body, while the male is widest just behind the pectoral fins.
When they are well fed or in breeding condition the female is always plumper, also seen from the side.

Males are normally smaller and have longer pectoral fins than females. Their pelvic (ventral) fins are more pointed and have small dark spots.
Females are normally larger, have shorter pectoral fin. Their pelvic (ventral) fins are clear and rounded to form a pouch for the eggs when spawning.

Standard length


5 cm / 2 in


6 cm / 2.4 in

Husbandry / Keeping



Group Size

  • Small (4-6)
  • Medium (7-10)



Ease of Keeping


Approx. max. Age

4 years


See explanations

See Spawning logs:

Has been Spawned


Bred by Me

Yes, successfully


Relatively Hard

Egg Size

2.8 mm / 0.11 in


The big problem for most is hatching the eggs, usually very poor hatch rate.

Recommended Tank Parameters

Min. tank size

75 liters / 20 gal

Min.  tank length

60 cm / 24 in

Tank Setup

  • Leafy Plants
  • Mosses
  • Sponge Filter
  • Power head: Low flow
  • Caves / Hiding places
  • Roots
  • Peat Filtration
  • Dried Leaves

Recommended water parameters

Temperature Range

24 - 28°C / 75.2 - 82°F

pH Range

4 - 7.5

TDS Range

10 - 250 ppm

kH Range

1 - 20 ppm

dH Range

1 - 20 ppm

Water Parameters

  • Date: 1998-09-07
    Place: ?
    pH: 4.3, Temp (C): 26.4

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